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Upholstery / Furniture Machinist

Coledale , New South Wales
Only English Required
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dumped & ditched is a studio for upholstery and restoration based in Coledale, NSW 2515. We create bespoke high-quality upholstery pieces and are currently looking for talented people to join the team.

Your job will entail working in the studio ensuring the items are finished to perfection. You will be working with a variety of materials and fabrics, therefore fabric knowledge is essential. Tasks include: taking patterns of furniture or copy patterns from the previous upholstery, make amendments when and if needed, cutting materials and sewing them into 3-dimensional constructions, ready to be used on the furniture or cushions. We aim to deliver work of highest standard, so exceptional sewing skills are required.

We would prefer to collaborate with experienced personnel in upholstery sewing but will include applicants with a background in fashion and the ability to use an industrial sewing machine with a good knowledge of various sewing techniques that include:

-Measuring precisely
-Inserting Zips
-Cutting fabrics
-Pattern making

 AUD 20 - 25 per hour depending on experience.

Terms: Flexible part-time arrangement with the option to increase hours as the business develops.

If you think you''re a match, we would like to hear from you!

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