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University Undergraduates To Tutor Secondary School Students

Chatswood , New South Wales
Only English Required
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We are looking for top-level, motivated and enthusiastic undergraduate university students to tutor primary and secondary school students in our Chatswood branch of Elite Tutoring College.

We are specifically looking for students with the following attributes:

  • Preferably a selective high school background, and/or a high Year 12 ATAR score.
  • A friendly, self-motivated and enthusiastic nature and a positive attitude.
  • A real passion for teaching and caring for students – we are not interested in someone who sees this role as merely a convenient source of income.
  • Reliability and dependability – we require someone who is committed to the role and prepared to show up to scheduled lessons each week.
  • Initiative and resourcefulness – we do not provide our tutors with a curriculum to follow since our college provides our students with flexible, personalised tuition. The lessons generally follow what the students are or will be working on at school and what they need to focus on the most. Our tutors are therefore responsible for preparing their lessons, including any materials needed for each lesson.

You will be tutoring students either one-on-one or in small group classes (typically 2 to 4 students), in a very friendly, personalised working environment.

Prior experience in tutoring Primary or Secondary School students is not a requirement but will be valued.

With your application please forward scans of your BOSTES HSC results, showing your ATAR score and Year 12 subject HSC marks, along with your resume if you have one.

Also please be sure to include a contact number and state where in Sydney you are located.

Please contact Fabian Colussi.

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