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Systems Analyst

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As a systems analyst, you will use computers and related systems to design new IT solutions, modify, enhance or adapt existing systems and integrate new features or improvements, all with the aim of improving business efficiency and productivity.

You must have a high level of technical expertise and clear insights into current business practices. Depending on the employer, clients may be internal, e.g. departments within the same organisation, or external.

Minimum of 10 x Years Experience

You will:

·         examine existing IT systems and business models;

·         analyse systems requirements;

·         undertake product development;

·         implement, configure and test feasible solutions.

Your role is to liaise between and report to internal and external clients and stakeholders, including colleagues and developers, throughout the development process.


You will need to have:

broad knowledge of hardware, software and programming;

the ability to learn quickly;

the ability to contribute to a team effort;

a logical approach to problem solving;

 good interpersonal and client-handling skills with the ability to manage expectations and explain technical detail;

business awareness;

a methodical, investigative and inquisitive mind;

presentation skills;

excellent oral and written communication skills;

planning and negotiating skills;

initiative and self-confidence;

an interest in the way organisational processes work.

Acquire and develop requirements of our client’s needs;

Analyze, create and improve the functional and technical solutions;

Transmit the business and functional knowledge to the development team and keep all aligned with the requirements;

Apply techniques of project management using PMBoK and scrum standards;

Use the company’s Project Management software (Project, Project Server and SharePoint), Application Lifecycle Management software (Visual Studio Team System) and Models Designer (Bizagi);

Work with our clients deploying system deliverables and training people across the systems resources;

Salary $89,000 to $99,000 (Base and Super) 

Permanent Residents (PR), Australian / Citizens are eligible to apply

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