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.Net Developer

Austral , New South Wales
Only English Required
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Technical Skills 

8-15 Years experience- Manager 

• At least 8 years’ experience in .NET development (or other OO language) 
• At least 5 years’ experience working in a distributed SOA or Microservices environment 
• At least 3 year’s experiences building cloud native solutions on a cloud platform (AWS, Azure, GCP etc.) 
• Highly proficient using SQL & the ability to performance tune queries 
Core Competencies: 
• An active interest in the latest technologies & architectural trends (meetups, blogs etc.) 
• An understanding of the value & challenges in implementing Continuous Integration/Delivery 
• Experience in agile methodologies and its application to the development process 
• A proven track record of delivering the best solution for the task at hand, not just building the solution expected/requested 
• BDD & TDD practitioners are encouraged to apply 
Qualifications & Education 
Degree in Computer Science or similar … not overly important if you’ve done a better job figuring it all out yourself! 
Interpersonal Skills/Cultural Attributes 
• Can collaborate effectively with your teammates; Taking & giving constructive feedback 
• Can articulate technical challenges to both technical & non-technical milestones. 
• Ability to break down complex technical/product initiative into lean deliverable milestones 
• A passion for software design & development principles

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