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Job Description
Sirius productions is a start up creative video production company based in Sydney. We produce commercials, training videos, animations and marketing videos. We are also seriously interested in producing cinematographic narrative content in the near future.
Recently created, we don’t have the necessary resources yet to hire a full team of specialists including camera operators, editors, producers, directors and animators. That is why we are looking for a one man army who can handle every step in the video production process.
The ideal candidate will have the following skills and experience :

Required experience :

  • Minimum 2 years working full time as a camera op/video editor for a film production company in an English speaking environment.
  • Freelance work for various clients as a videographer/editor.
  • The ideal candidate has written and directed short films, webseries or other cinematographic narrative work.
  • Experience as a cinematographer on short films/feature films is a bonus.
Pre-production skills :
  • Able to write scripts, briefs and understand client requirements.
  • Basic skills in storyboard and mood board.
  • Planning a shoot and renting the proper equipment required for each project.
Filming skills :
  • Experience using drones, car mounts, steadicam, sliders and video cranes.
  • Work with clients, producers, directors, talent and/or solo.
  • Highly proficient in camera operation and digital video cameras. You know how to use DSLR/mirrorless cameras, Canon C100/C200, Alexa/Red cameras and Go Pro’s. The more cameras you are familiar with, the better.
  • Experience using different video shooting techniques such as timelapse, hyperlapse, stop motion.
  • Able to capture a great quality audio using lapel mics, external audio recorders and knowing how to set up professional sound equipments to record interviews, dialogues and voice overs.
  • Strong knowledge in lighting for interviews, cinematic shots and studio lighting setup for chroma key.
  • Direct and manage talents and crew during a film shoot.
Video editing and post production skills :
  • Tech savvy, with considerable knowledge of audiovisual equipment, hardware, software, troubleshooting and techniques used in video production & editing.
  • Able to work with Photoshop and Illustrator for vector and graphics design.
  • Highly proficient on Premiere pro, Final Cut and strong skills in video editing.
  • Know how to color grade using DaVinci Resolve.
  • 2D animation and character animations using different style with After effects.
  • Logo animation, motion titles and motion graphics with After effects.
  • Visual effects such as rotoscoping, compositing, sky replacement, removing objects in a shot and any other VFX techniques.
  • Skills in 3D modelisation and animation.
  • Sound editing, mixing and mastering professional standard audio track.
  • Encoding & delivering for web/DVD/broadcast using the proper parameters.
General skills :
  • Work well under pressure to meet deadlines, including working out of office hours and occasionally on weekends if required.
  • The ability to self-manage priorities, as well as plan and deliver multiple tasks on time.
  • You must be able to work fast and efficiently while ensuring quality output.
You will be responsible for :
  • Directing a project from the brief to completion including every steps in the production process (writing, directing, filming, editing, visual effects, sound mixing, color grading).
  • Managing and schedule all our production and post-production resources.
  • Sourcing freelance personnel when requireds.
  • Teaching filming and editing during occasional workshops.
What''s On Offer :
  • A full-time role in a fast-paced video production company.
  • Salary of $40,000 per annum.
Next steps :If you would like to be considered for this job offer, please send through your resume as well as a cover letter and provide your portfolio with showreel : #removed#
We appreciate your understanding that only shortlisted applicants will be contacted.

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