Working and Employment opportunities in Australia

Australia has been booming in recent years and its economy is largely based on Agriculture, Mining and Manufacturing.

Agricultural exports have been in decline in recent years from a peak of 80% of total exports to just 3%, this is, in part, to do with the massive amount of exports from the Mining industry. Rare minerals used in hi-tech gadgets, Coal and Iron Ore have really set light to the Australian economy with huge overseas firms pouring vast sums into the extraction of said resources. China in particular has been at the forefront of this investment and for the moment at least it shows no sign of abating.

If you’re not into Mining, the manufacture of paper and metal goods is big business here, as is shipbuilding, with Australia as the world leader is fast lightweight ship manufacture.

Other sectors that are growing at the moment include the Aviation industry, due to the high demand of internal transport flights within the huge country, Banking and Finance in the major cities and also Information Technology and Telecommunications.

Australia has a great climate, beaches to die for and low population density means spacious houses and a great standard of living. If you qualify for one of the in demand skills that will allow you to come and work here, you could do a lot worse.
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